Ballet Classes

Dive into the graceful world of ballet with classes led by none other than Indiana Woodward, the principal dancer at the renowned New York City Ballet and co-founder of Grace & Form

A full class consists of a ballet barre and ballet center. The ballet barre is the cornerstone of ballet training, where dancers utilize a stationary handrail for support while engaging in a series of exercises to warm up, strengthen, and refine their technique. This segment focuses on fundamental movements, from pliés to tendus, providing a solid foundation for the intricacies of ballet. In ballet, the ballet center is the segment of a class where dancers move away from the barre to engage in exercises and sequences that develop balance, turns, jumps, and artistry without the support of the barre. We have both elements of class filmed separately so you can pick and choose to create the perfect combo. We also have our paired recommendations based on themes that cross over from barre to center.

FAQs about Online Ballet Classes

Can I participate in online ballet classes as a beginner?

Absolutely! Our online ballet classes cater to individuals of all levels, including beginners. Our classes are structured to introduce fundamental techniques gradually. These classes are designed to accommodate newcomers while also providing challenges for more experienced dancers.

What equipment or space do I need for online ballet classes?

Typically, for online ballet classes, you'll need a clear space with enough room to move freely. A stable internet connection and a device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, are essential for streaming the classes. Our barre classes will require a chair or a surface at ballet barre height for support during exercises.

How can I ensure proper form and technique in online classes?

Although not in-person, instructors provide detailed verbal cues and demonstrations during online sessions to guide students through correct form and technique. 

What if I miss a live class?

Our live classes are recorded, allowing students to access classes at their convenience. These recordings are often available for a certain period after the live session, giving participants flexibility in their schedules.

Can online ballet classes help with flexibility and strength?

Yes, online ballet classes are excellent for enhancing flexibility, strength, and overall fitness. Ballet exercises are designed to target various muscle groups, improving flexibility and building strength gradually over time. Consistent practice with guided sessions  can yield noticeable improvements in these areas.

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